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Financial guidance tailored for educators who are planning for their best future.

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Ready to figure out your finances? Let's look at your educator benefits and come up with a plan to secure your future.

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Working in schools is such a rush - from the hustle of the first week of school, through unit plans, superintendent visits, field trips, all the way through the last few days before summer and packing up your classroom. Educators do so much for their students and their school communities, but rarely get a moment to themselves to take care of their plans and priorities - including understanding and taking full advantage of their (often complicated!) educator finances and benefits.

A few years into your career, you might wonder - am I doing everything right? Am I saving enough for retirement? How can I plan for maternity/paternity leave or a sabbatical? Will I ever be able to afford a down payment or pay for my kids’ college tuition? What if I leave the classroom or start teaching in a different district?

Working in schools provides a variety of amazing benefits - a pension, family leave time, sabbatical opportunities, student loan forgiveness, and more. However, these benefits are often complex and rarely ever presented in a clear way to school employees!

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Whether you're an early-career teacher or school psychologist, or a seasoned occupational therapist or administrator, I can help you define your financial goals and create a plan to achieve them.

I specialize in educator retirement and benefits. I can help you:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety around retirement planning and if you “have enough”

  • Make big decisions around a career change, balancing retirement contributions vs. savings for a down payment or college tuition, or how to best structure unpaid family leave

  • Save $1000s-$100,000s by making sure you’re using the lowest-fee retirement accounts, investing your IRA funds, utilizing HYSAs, and more

  • Save time by avoiding multiple calls to HR, reading all the finance books and benefit guides, and/or figuring out how to transfer all of your accounts when you change jobs

  • Get all of your finance and benefit questions answered in an nonjudgemental, comprehensible manner


Book a session today and we’ll tackle your questions and plans TOGETHER!

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I offer a variety of financial sessions depending on your needs!

I offer 50 min sessions for basic retirement planning and family leave planning, and extended 80 min sessions for more complex retirement questions.

I also offer 110 min sessions for 2 person sessions (spouses, coworkers, etc.) and budgeting sessions.

Check out my Calendly page below for more info + pricing


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  • Will a new school make me happier?
    Let's be real - if teaching's not for you, a new school isn't going change that. But schools vary A TON, even within a single district. If teaching is your jam but your current school isn't the right fit, there are so many others out there! You can absolutely find more joy in a school community that aligns with your teaching values, where the workload is more manageable, your coworkers are awesome, and administration is empathetic. Finding the right school involves identifying what you love/hate about teaching, knowing how to find and apply to well-matched schools, and doing your research to evaluate a school before you accept an offer. No school is perfect, but it's likely you could be happier in a school that is a better match for you. I can help you find that school.
  • Am I qualified for any jobs outside of the classroom?
    Yes! There are many ways to leverage your teaching skills and experience. Love designing innovative projects for your classroom? Become a curriculum designer and put those boring boxed curriculums to shame. Are you the best teacher in your grade at building relationships and communicating with families? Consider becoming a social worker or a therapist. Are you an engaging presenter, capable to getting everyone in your room involved? This is a rare talent - companies are often looking for great trainers and salespeople. It's also never too late to build a new skillset, and you don't need to go back to grad school. You can complete a financial planning program part-time online in a year, or go to a tech boot camp and become a UX designer in 3 months. You can also develop skills on your own with research, practice, or a side business.
  • What's the deal with international schools?
    International teaching can be an amazing experience! Truly get to know a country by living there for a few years. International schools often offer competitive salaries in lower-cost-of-living areas, smaller class sizes, fantastic PD opportunities, flexible curricula, and longer vacations. Sold yet? I can help you navigate the application process (using a recruiting agency or applying directly) and answer any questions you have along the way - choose International School Advising under Single Session. Note: it's best to start applying for international schools *at least* six months before the school year starts.
  • Will I take a pay cut? What about my pension?
    It depends, but your earning potential will most likely increase! Let's take a look at a few situations: Scenario One: Many tech bootcamps state that average starting salaries after program completion are in the mid $80,000s. If you make $60,000 as a teacher in NYC, you've already gotten a big pay bump - more than enough to cover the cost of the bootcamp. Additionally, raises are larger and more regular in industry - realistically, you could double your teaching income in 2-3 years. Scenario Two: A former teacher I know earned $40,000 as a mid-career teacher in a state-that-shall-not-be-named. He decided to take a break from teaching and took a role as a support specialist for a medical device company, paying about the same. Two years and FOUR promotions later, he makes in the mid $70,000s and loves that he doesn't have to lesson plan on Sunday nights. Scenario Three: You're at the top of the salary scale, want to try something new, but worry you should stick it out because you'll never make as much money. After applying for a few jobs, you accept a position as a senior program manager for a education company you love! It's a $15,000 pay cut. But two years later, you've gotten two raises, make slightly more than your teaching salary, and a recruiter for another company is reaching out to you about a director-level position. Your pension is not a set of golden handcuffs! If you're an early or mid-career teacher, there is little benefit to "sticking it out" for your pension (despite what you might hear!). Depending on your individual situation, you may have *better* retirement benefits if you leave before you vest. For veteran teachers, the pension math changes as you get closer to 20 years of service. There are options for re-investing your pension contributions, or retirement planning with a partial pension.
  • Am I terrible human if I leave teaching, or even just leave my school?"
    Ohhh the teacher guilt, it is real! We go into teaching to serve others, knowing that the job is difficult, keeps long hours, and pays pretty poorly. How many times have we taken on extra work or swallowed a bad situation knowing it's for the best of our students? But YOU matter too! You have one life to live, and it should be a happy, rewarding, balanced one, rather than one that you feel guilted into. There are so many ways to help your community, and you can do a better job helping others if you are fulfilled and taken care of. Maybe this is in a school where you can thrive as a teacher. Maybe this is as a corporate employee, encouraging your employer to give back to the community and taking on a bunch of high school interns. Others may say you coun't "hack it" as a teacher, or that every teacher who leaves puts their students behind. But this is some toxic BS! You are allowed to make a change. No one tells a lawyer who joins the Teaching Fellows that they "couldn't make it in law." And you have not signed over your life to a teaching system that doesn't support you or new teachers entering the field. Follow the path that is meant for you.
  • What if I'm not sure if I want to make a transition yet?
    Totally, it's a hard decision! I can be a sounding board for you, answer your questions, and give you an unbiased opinion on what (if any) transition is best for you. Choose Career Sounding Board under Single Sessions.
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Hi there! I'm Emily - a multi-hyphenate educator with a long and winding career path.

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I have over a decade of experience in the corporate world, nonprofits, and all types of educational

environments. I've taught in public, charter, and international schools in NYC, the Bay Area, Micronesia, Italy, and Thailand. Outside of the classroom, I've worked as an instructional designer, test prep tutor, and UX researcher. I'm a pro at evaluating school work environments, leveraging teaching skills outside of the classroom, and navigating new career adventures.

Throughout my career journey, I've experienced despair, burnout, and even boredom in work environments that weren't the right fit for me, as well as reignited passion and a healthier work-life balance in others. I believe that meaningful, balanced work is the key to a fulfilling life, and it's my mission to help educators find their "fit" - personally, financially, ethically - and support them throughout their journey.


Whether you're an early-career teacher or a seasoned educator, I can help you sketch your future career path and create a plan of action to pursue it.

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Contact me for more information and/or to schedule a session. I will respond within 48 hours.

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