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Hi there! I'm Emily - a multi-hyphenate educator with a long and winding career path.

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The Professional:

I have over a decade of experience in the corporate world, nonprofits, and all types of educational environments. I've worked in public, charter, and international schools in NYC, the Bay Area, Micronesia, Italy, and Thailand. I've taught math, ENL, engineering, maker education (and even a bit of musical theater), and switched teaching licenses from math to Career and Technical Education. Outside of the classroom, I have also worked as an instructional designer for Oracle's education foundation, spent hundreds of hours private tutoring, and turned down a full scholarship to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to teaching, I worked at The New York Times and earned my undergrad degrees in engineering and journalism. If you're looking for a career transition, I can talk you through the career pathways in and out of education, and how to successfully translate your experience wherever you'd like to go.


The Emotional:

Along my career journey, I've experienced despair, burnout, and even boredom in work environments that weren't the right fit for me, as well as reignited passion and a healthier work-life balance in others. I believe that meaningful, balanced work is the key to a fulfilling life, and that too many teachers feel stuck in toxic environments out of fear of the unknown, anxiety that their skills won't transfer, their "pension golden handcuffs," or guilt about leaving their students. It's my mission to help educators find their "fit" - personally, financially, ethically - and support them throughout their journey. Whether you're an early-career teacher or a seasoned educator, I can help you sketch your future career path and create a plan of action to pursue it.


The Personal:

I live in Queens, NY with my fiancé and two cats. I Citibike every day to my supportive, great-for-me school, where I work as a CTE engineering teacher. Outside of teaching and career coaching, I love traveling, surfing, everything bagels, House Hunters International, and nerding out about personal finance. Myers-Briggs calls me an ENFJ, the "teacher" personality type - how fitting :)

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